Sharing from the web browser in SymPaper BB10

I got my new Red Z10 from RIM Blackberry last week.

Red Limited Edition Blackberry Z10

Red Limited Edition Blackberry Z10

In the gap where I was BB10-less a number of people have emailed me and a couple have posted on the site asking for the same feature:

Can you please add a feature to share to SymPaper from within the browser

A feature I’d always wanted at release but given the tight deadline around qualifying for the Red Z10 I had to chop it.

This evening however I’ve managed to get it working! I wanted to show everyone for two reasons!

  1. I’m super excited!
  2. To stop the emails asking for the feature!

(if you have any other feature suggestions please do send me them though!)

Opening the browser menu

Opening the browser menu

SymPaper in the browser share menu

SymPaper in the browser share menu

The add article screen, currently the pages uri is used for the title as well

The add article screen, currently the pages uri is used for the title as well

New article in the reading list

New article in the reading list

I’m confident this works as users would expect but I need to give it some more thorough testing to make sure nothing else is affected. Then I’ll put the update out for you guys!!

-Edit: The update is live in the Blackberry Appworld now! I also snuck in a few extra features, a new Filter by read mode feature is now there as well as short cuts to jump to the top and bottom of the reading list, as well as the usual bug fixes!

Filter selection, a new icon is added to the list page toolbar to bring this dialog up

Filter selection, a new icon is added to the list page toolbar to bring this dialog up


Jump to top / bottom shortcuts are in the overflow menu of the list page

Jump to top / bottom shortcuts are in the overflow menu of the list page

Memehub now on android

Memehub, one of our oldest and most popular apps for Windows Phone 7 has been ported to android.

The app is fully featured and brings with it all of the key features behind the Windows Phone version, as well as smart auto scaling text which ensures you can write as much as you want for a meme and still see the image.


Pick it up from the android store for free from here. Alternatively use this qr code to go straight there!

If you’re still a Windows Phone 7 user you can get it from here or use this qr code! qr-wp-memhub

For Windows Phone 8 users, I am currently working on making a new version of the app MemeHub+. In the meantime, the windows phone 7 version should still work well.

SymPaper-BB10 for BlackBerry 10

RIM Blackberry recently had a developer drive where they offered a new Z10 to developers for bringing native apps to their new BB10 platform.

I submitted a port of SymPaper (which was written in Qt) to the Blackberry App world, most of the back end is the same but the UI has been re written in its entirety to use Blackberry Cascades although in a way that should be familiar to any SymPaper (Symbian) user whilst taking advantage of the unique features of a the BB10 operating system and its UI paradigms .

The app has been released into the app world and can be downloaded from the app store here. Alternatively use the QR Code below to go directly to the store page.


More information and screen shots can be found on the App page here.


Rage Comics For Symbian

I wrote this app a few months ago but have been fighting with the nokia store to get it approved. They keep denying it on the grounds of adult content dispite there being plenty of sex orientated apps and other rage comix readers in their store already.

Anyway the short and sweet news is I’m releasing it for free!! Those of you who still use their Symbian phones can get it from the app page here, or download it using the qr code below!


Rage Comics requires you to have a Symbian Anna device or above.

Enjoy and let me know how you like it!!


I currently use my Nokia 808 as my primary smartphone with my Lumia 800 as my secondary device. With the release of Belle FP2 I’ve found that I carry my Lumia around less and less with me because, whilst its the end of the line for Symbian and Belle FP2 isn’t perfect its a really nice and capable operating system.

One of the games I missed from the Lumia was a game called ‘Snake 97′ a clone of the classic Nokia snake game. I’d never written a game before so I decided this would be a relatively simple project to get started on (I was wrong!).

Anyway the long and short is my version of Nokia’s Classic Snake game is
now available in the Nokia Store

The current version features a level speed changer, haptic feedback on button presses and a high score counter.

A version with the original sound effects is currently in QA and will reach the store in the next few days hopefully!

Mumblr on 3 Platforms!

Mumblr is now available for free download on three different platforms! MeeGo, Symbian & WP7.

You can find download links for Symbian and MeeGo over on their respective pages on this web site. Mumblr for WP7 can be found over on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

This is a “mash up” app that takes images from tumblr blogs and adds random meme like text to them for bizarre / random / hilarious results.

An android version of mumblr is also in development so you’ll be able to mumble on almost all of your favorite mobile operating systems!

Download mumblr for Symbian here.
Download mumblr for MeeGo here.

If you like these apps please consider donating to us!

Welcome to Psychedelic Tiger

Talv and myself have been making phone apps for around a year now.

When he started on Symbian, I decided to look into Windows phone 7.

Talv looked at creating useful productivity tools, where as I went down the entertainment route.

Eventually (and more recently) we came to the idea that we should start to move our work cross platform and collaborate more when making applications.

To us it generally made sense to pool our work into one place and under one banner if we were going to do this.

We want high quality apps of all varieties, on the mobile platforms we love and this step just makes sense.

In order for our work to become instantly noticeable we decided to make a logo and pseudonym which would be on all our apps. (if they aren’t already, then they will be soon!)

So in future, when you see our psychedelic tiger logo anywhere, you know its an app we spend time and consideration making and you can download with confidence.

To celebrate the start of the Psychedelic Tiger brand we’re releasing a new tumblr/meme mashup app for Symbian called mumblr today!

Mumblr for MeeGo will follow shortly in the coming days!

Get mumblr for Symbian free here

MetroPaper – “Connecting To Read It Later Failed”

Recently it seems that a few people have been experiencing an error when trying to sync MetroPaper to Read It Later. The reason for this that some Read It Later clients are adding items to lists without the “title” attribute. I’ve got a fix for this currently going through Certification at the AppHub atm but heres a not so fun fix if you can’t live without your reading list for the next few days:

Paste this url into your web browser after changing the username and password fields.

The browser will give you an error about malformed XML like this:

However if you right click on the page and press “View Page Source” the data is all there and looks something like this:

<!--?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?-->
            <title>documentation - How do professional software development teams deal with de</title>


If we look at the second Item we realise it’s one of these offending articles causing the sync error. If we mark it as read using the read it later webview then switch to the “read” view and delete it using the little bin icon then MetroPaper will sync correctly.

Again a fix is already under certification along with a redesigned settings section and a few new features and should be live within a week of today.

SymPaper 3.3.3

Its been a while since I posted about SymPaper because I’ve been busy developing its windows phone counterpart MetroPaper. I started to write a big post on the upcoming changes but one of the testers @gosharpshooter beat me to it! Read all about the upcoming features of SymPaper 3.3.3 on his blog post over at The Tech Bishop.

SymPaper 3.3.3 is available on the Nokia Store now get it here.

MetroPaper 1.7

Tonight I finished the latest set of updates to MetroPaper and submitted them to the marketplace. Here is a quick run down of the latest changes this update will bring:

Full Screen Reader

Not to much to say here, its off by default but if you’d like more article showing per page this mode hides the status bar and minimises the amount of space taken up by the menu.

Context Menu For List Delegates

List delegates now have a context menu attached to them which opens up when you long press on them.

New Options

There are a number of new options available, so now they’ve been split into 2 main sections – Sync and Article Settings.

The way in which articles are fetched when syncing can be changed between All Articles or Unread Only. The number of articles fetched each sync can also be changed from the default of 500 to 250, 100, 50 or 10.

Articles can now be set to be marked as read as soon as they’re opened – not a feature I’m a fan of but its something that has been asked of since I first made SymPaper. The font size can now be selected in a much more friendly way here instead of from the menu in the article page. The theme styles are the same with the addition of a new ‘Auto’ setting. Auto means that during the hours of 7am and 8pm the light theme is selected for articles but outside of those hours the dark theme is automatically selected.

Other Changes

As well as all these larger changes the following smaller ones have been made too:

The lag when switching between read modes has now been reduced significantly and shouldn’t be noticeable any more.

“Copy Url To Clipboard” has been added to the menu in the article viewer.
Added latest article info to the main live tile

Images are centre aligned and scaled up to maximize the available viewing space available

When syncing a single item the article title is now pre appended to the article

Character issues with non Latin chars in article titles have now (hopefully) been resolved

When pinned to the home screen, the default tile will show the latest unread article on the back of it

This update should be in the WP market place in just over a week  and ill update this post and be tweeting about it when it does!